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How Personal Legal Opinions And Biases Fuel Presidential Recklessness And Blunders In Nigeria

Sponsored Attacks On Amnesty International:

Another Dimension To Raging State Terror In Nigeria

Photo News Following The Special Report Of Intersociety On Widespread Rights Abuses In Nigeria

Welcome To Bleeding Republic Of Nigeria A land Flowing with Blood and Tears

Download Main Report & Its Executive Summary Supporting Affidavit


Rejection Of Army’s Kangaroo Rights Abuses Investigation Panel And Request For Proper Criminal Investigation And Punitive Measures Against Buratai & Ors

Absence Of The Butcher Of Aso Rock And Resurgence Of Tainted Saints In Nigeria:

Nigerians Have Not Forgotten!


Critical And Unresolved Questions Arising From Abuja Federal High Court’s De-criminalization Of IPOB And  Pro Biafra Nonviolent Campaign In Nigeria

Pro Trump Rally Killings:

Shaming And Taming Rampaging Presidential Falsehoods In Nigeria

Onitsha Fuel Station Fire Disaster:

A Divine Warning And Wakeup Call To Govt Of Anambra State