Vindictive Proscription Of Indigenous People Of Biafra As Terror Race:

Buhari/Osinbajo Administration Has Crossed The Red-lines Of Nation Building With Generational Enmity And Unhealable Wounds

At 72: UN Is Dangerously Leading The World Back To The Cave:

Why It Must Be Reformed Or Face Extinction (Concluded)

At 72: UN Is Leading The World Back To The Cave (P.1)


IPOB/Igbo Terrorism Tag:

How Gen Danbazzu And His Interior Ministry Can Make Nigeria A Country With World Largest Prison Inmates After USA

Exposing Complicity Of Anambra And Abia Govs In Army’s Genocidal Operations In Igbo Land

And 15 Questions Before Defense Quarters On IPOB’s Terror Labeling

Nonviolent Self Determination & Policing Of Public Assemblies In Nigeria

Understanding Legal Roles Of The Agitators & The Policing Agencies Other Than The Military

Exposing The Dangers In State and Non State Actors’ Involvement In Anti Igbo Genocidal Threats And Military Fatwa In Southeast Nigeria

Army’s Radicalization And Bastardization Of Security And People Of Southeast Nigeria:

Before It Is Too Late!

Unchecked Police And Army Extortion In Southeast Nigeria: How IGP And His Cohorts Will Pocket N14.1Billion In Five Months (Sep 2017-Jan 2018) From 2900 Roadblocks Using False Biafra Insecurity

John Doe, et al. v. Buratai & 15 Ors (Civil Action No: 17-cv-01033-ESH (USA: DC):

How It All Started (1)