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Our works on: Civil Liberties & Rule of Law, Democracy & Good Governance and Security & Safety are quite enormous. Their volumes increase as days go by. With your direct or in-kind support we can do more and continue to impact positively on the lives of members of the global society.

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Our Main Areas (Triple Twins’ Advocacy):

  •            Civil Liberties & Rule of Law: We work for promotion and advancement of  civil liberties and rule of law including periodic criminal and civil justice and constitutional reforms, an end to culture of impunity for malicious public office holders; exposition of fundamental rights abuses and civil liberties awareness campaigns.  We do this using research, report, documentation and other mass advocacy toolkits.
  •  Democracy & Good Governance: Where there is no democracy and good governance, civil liberties and rule of law become a mirage. We advocate for democracy and good governance through consistent advocacy campaigns premised on mass mobilization and other pre election, election and post election advocacy activities. Our activities are pinned down to periodic electoral reforms and violence free electioneering, popular participation in electoral and public governance processes and accountability in governance including reduction in public governance costs and debts borrowings as well as use of public resources for public good.
  •  Security & Safety: For survival and sustainability of any modern society, its foundation must be laid upon three pillars of “democracy & good governance”, “civil liberties & rule of law” and “security & safety”. Collective and individual security and safety enhances democracy & good governance as well as civil liberties & rule of law. We advocate for promotion and advancement of public security and safety through campaigns driven by in-depth research, report and documentation.

  Our work on Security & Safety includes police and policing reforms and an end to policing abuses including torture and extra judicial killing; non proliferation of illicit small arms and illicit arms bearers; and effective environmental management and protection. We also strongly advocate for alternative dispute resolution as effective way of ending intra and inter personal and group disputes as opposed to self-emollition, suicides and other destructive self help dispute resolution mechanisms.

  •    Other Human Rights Recognized by the UNO: Human Rights have been found to be indivisible and inseparable. This means that “civil rights” cannot do without “political rights”; “social rights” cannot do without “economic rights”; and “cultural rights” cannot do without “environmental rights”. We recognize and advocate for promotion and advancement of all the rights mentioned above, recognized by UNO and other international and regional bodies. Conversely, we strongly oppose any form of same sex rights. Our “triple twins’ advocacy” has municipal and universal application. This means that it covers Nigeria and goes beyond the boundaries of the country.

Intersociety’s Organs

·         1. Board of Trustees: This is the supreme organ of the organization. The Chairman of the Board oversees all the activities of the organization. He is also the Lead-ED of the Society Watch.

2. Society Watch: This is a membership organ created to give members of the civil populace, desirous of contributing to the betterment of the society a chance. It is a body of volunteers governed by a body of elected executives with prescribed tenures.

3. Executive Management: This organ is headed by an ED. It comprises all paid staffs, who oversee the day-to-day running of the organization.

4. Auditors: This is a body of internal auditors responsible for account auditing of our organization

5, Advisory Council: This is a body of chosen reputable personalities who play fatherly and advisory roles for the re-positioning and growth of our organization.

6. ADR Bureau: This is a body of peace and dispute/conflict resolution experts. This Bureau is created in response to need to educate individuals and public on the importance of using alternative dispute resolution resource to solve their disagreements and disputes/ conflicts than to resort to self-help dispute approach or embroiled in long and expensive litigation's. Its target audiences are intra and inter personal and group disputants

Origin & Founding Members

International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law- Intersociety was founded by  Emeka Umeagbalasi (Criminologist & Expert in Security Studies) with encouragement and supports of Blessing, his wife; Anayo Okoli, Chinedum Agwaramgbo, Damian Ugwu,  Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin and Uche Wisdom Durueke.  Emeka Umeagbalasi is former chairman of the Civil Liberties Organization in Anambra State as well as its vice chairman of the Southeast zone. He was also the Onitsha Pre-Group Coordinator of Amnesty International, formerly Nigerian Section. He has received a number of merit awards and human rights education course certificates within and overseas. He is an alumnus of IVLP of the US Department of State (June 28, 2013). There are other friends and supporters who encouraged or assisted in bringing Intersociety into existence. We were inspired to come into existence by the works and reputations of Nigeria’s Civil Liberties Organization and the US based Human Rights Watch. We also got a boost from the UK based Amnesty International.

About Intersociety Nigeria

International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) was founded in 2008 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization advocating for promotion and sustenance of civil liberties & rule of law, democracy & good governance and security & safety in Nigeria or any part thereof as well as beyond the boundaries of Nigeria. Our advocacy activities are in line with international rights laws and treaties as recognized by the United Nations and the African Union. For civil liberties and rule of law to hold sway in any given society, there must be democracy and good governance as well as security and safety.

 Every noble member of the modern global community must have its foundation laid upon these three pillars of: civil liberties & rule of law, democracy & good governance and security & safety. Human rights generally fare better where there is a society rested upon these three pillars. Our advocacy activities in the three areas are carried out through research, report, documentation and other mass advocacy toolkits. We also strongly support alternative dispute resolution mechanism as a better way of resolving intra and inter personal and group disputes and remain opposed to any form of same sex rights.

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Our organization has carried out over 160 advocacy activities since 2008.

Civil Liberties & Rule of Law

We work for promotion and advancement of the civil liberties and the rule of law