Nnamdi Kanu’s Masked Witnesses Are Suspected Awaiting Trial Persons (AWPs) In Nigerian Prisons

Merchants Of The Dead & Butchers Of Conscience:

How Political Traders In Nigeria Engage In Destructive Politics & Criminal Enrichment Using Pro Biafra Agitation As A Cover


Corpses Of Murdered IPOB Members In Aba Burrow Pits Set Ablaze And Burnt To Ashes By Suspected Agents Of The Government Of Nigeria

Cosmic Transition Of Thinkers Of Our Time:

A Tribute To Boutros Boutros-Ghali De Thinker

Massacre Of 22 IPOB Members In Aba:

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Before Security Chiefs Turn Nigeria Into Syria (Concluding Part)

Ceaseless Killing Of Unarmed Citizens In Nigeria:

Why Security Chiefs Must Desist From Provoking More Insurgencies Capable Of Plunging Nigeria Into Syrian Styled Violence (Part One)


Avoid Repetition Of Auta Justice & Hands Off Kanu’s Case Or Be Dragged To NJC & International Arena SBCHROs Advises Justice John Terhemba Tsoho

Re: Over $2trillion Loot Recovered By EFCC In Twelve (12) Years:

How, Where, When & From Whom Was It Recovered?

$2trillion (N400trillion) Recovered Funds By EFCC In 12 Yrs:

Fighting Corruption With Propaganda & Falsehood