Our Values

Transparency and accountability; integrity, honesty, public trust and confidence; uncompromising, hard work, thoroughness, breakthroughs, merit, nobility, wisdom and intellectualism or technical expertise


Capacity Building:

Intersociety strongly believes in training the trainers of the trainees, mentorship, role modeling and grooming of social leaders of today and tomorrow-through its capacity building program.

We further aspire for acquisition of more skills by our leaders, staff and volunteers, by exploiting available opportunities including local and international skill acquisition resources such as seminars, academic studies, workshops, conferences, fellowship and exchange programs particularly those that focus on human rights, rule of law, democracy, good governance and collective and citizens’ safety and security. Intellectual capacity remains the backbone of Intersociety-a core yardstick required to function effectively in nowadays knowledgeable world. We strongly encourage our leaders, staff, volunteers and aspiring ones to go for intellectual hunting.

Such government social foundations include OSIWA set up by Government of Canada, DFID set up by Government of UK and USAID set up by Government of USA. We doubt if such Government foundations belonging to Government of Nigeria are in existence in the country.

The leadership of Onitsha Electronics Market had in 2016 donated a brown new 2900 Sumec Power Generator; likewise Emmanuel Mayah; a multiple international journalism award-winning journalist and Henry Oduenyi of the Nigerian Voice Online News who had in the same 2016 donated some electronic communication devices to Intersociety including an Apple palmtop. There are few other individuals within and beyond that had also responded to us in hour of our need from their legitimate earnings.

However, we do not accept cash and material donations circumstantially rooted in proceeds of corruption in Nigeria or any part thereof including individual foundations set up with corruption proceeds such as criminal oil blocs’ contracts or diverted and stolen public funds; or such evidentially or circumstantially linked to economic and financial crimes in Nigeria or beyond.

We do not also accept cash and material donations circumstantially linked to human trafficking, ritualism or drug trafficking with associated spilling of innocent human bloods whether within or outside Nigeria; likewise cash and materials circumstantially linked to other violent street criminal activities