Intersociety Advocacy News

Brazilian Army Butchery Award: Heightening The Gong Of Justice Over Buratai’s Military Atrocities In Nigeria
Kanu’s Stringent Bail Conditions: Consequences Of Quota System In The Appointment Of Judges In Nigeria
Ikoyi Planted Funds: In Solidarity With Suspended SGF’s Question: Who Is The Presidency? & Why Osibanjo’s Probe Team Should Be Disbanded
Sponsored Attacks On Amnesty International: Another Dimension To Raging State Terror In Nigeria
Rejection Of Army’s Kangaroo Rights Abuses Investigation Panel And Request For Proper Criminal Investigation And Punitive Measures Against Buratai & Ors
Absence Of The Butcher Of Aso Rock And Resurgence Of Tainted Saints In Nigeria: Nigerians Have Not Forgotten!
Critical And Unresolved Questions Arising From Abuja Federal High Court’s De-criminalization Of IPOB And Pro Biafra Nonviolent Campaign In Nigeria
Pro Trump Rally Killings: Shaming And Taming Rampaging Presidential Falsehoods In Nigeria
Onitsha Fuel Station Fire Disaster: A Divine Warning And Wakeup Call To Govt Of Anambra State
White House Call Readout Of Trump’s Controversial Phone Call To Buhari: A Vindication Of Intersociety And Ripeness Of Bring-Back-Our-President Campaign
620 Days Of Buhari Administration And Its 310 Lies Without Borders And Decorum
Re-Trump Speaks With Buhari & Invites Him To Washington: Presidential Falsehood May Have Gone Beyond Borders
Anambra 2017: Time To Conduct LGA Poll And Update The National Voters Register For Anambra State
War of Words Btw Obiano And Okorocha: A Fallout Of Failed Governance And Leadership In The Southeast Zone
Killing (Bombing) Of 236 Citizens In Borno IDP Camp: Nigerian Government Has Breached The Geneva Conventions And Committed War Crimes
Pro Trump Rally Killings: The Making Of Nigeria An International Murderous Country
Mandatory Question SSS Must Answer Within 14 Days Concerning The Death Or Alive Of Detained Zaky El-Zaky, Malama El-Zaky And Pro Biafra Campaigners
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