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Presidential Poll Rigging & Voter Intimidation: Tinubu, Buhari & Ors Must Avoid Detonation Of Looming Time-Bomb In Nigeria
Beyond Rejection Of The Results Of 2019 Presidential Poll In Nigeria: What PDP Must Do
Delayed Results Of The 2019 Presidential Poll: INEC Must Not Set Nigeria On Fire
How INEC’s Grossly Compromised Ballot Papers & Result Sheets Will Produce Makeshift & Pre-determined Presidential Poll Verdict For PMB
Buhari’s Death Order: Exactly Why Most Nigerians Want To Oust Him Thru The Ballot
Dangers Of Calling For The Removal Of INEC Chairman: What Nigerians Must Demand From The Commission
Sudden Shift In The Feb 16 Poll: INEC Has Unveiled One Of Its Rigging Plans With The Presidency
EKWENCHE Research Institute (USA) & US Law Firm (Bruce Fein) Submit The Names Of Buhari, Buratai, & Other Accomplices For Trial At ICC Over Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity In Eastern Nigeria
Exposing & Taming The Roles Of Retrogressive Forces In Eastern Nigeria Ahead Of 2019 Gen Polls
Sponsors & Perpetrators Of The Military Massacre In Eastern Nigeria Must Pay $4.1B Compensation; Face Life Jails & Other Hash Sentences Or Sanctions For Killing 480 Civilian Citizens & Crippling 500 Ors
Full Report Of Intersociety On Military Massacre Operations In Eastern Nigeria (August 2015-September 2017)
Vicarious Perpetrator in The September 2017,Army Python Dance 11 Massacre in Abia State
Agenda Before The NJC: Executive Coup Against The Nigerian Judiciary & Unconstitutional Removal Of The CJN (Walter Onnoghen): NJC Must Meet & Take The Right Decision
Falana, Sagay, Osinbajo & Ors Must Allow Constitution & Constitutionalism To Operate In Nigeria
Names Of Defenseless Citizens Killed & Crippled For Life By Buhari & Osinbajo Government During The Military Massacre Operations In Eastern Nigeria
Differentiating The Salami-Alu Gate Scandal From Buhari’s Broad Day Light Coup Against The CJN & Nigerian Judiciary: The Role Intersociety Played
Coupist Removal Of CJN: Cockerel Has Laid Eggs & Palm Kernel Ripped At The Tail Of Palm Frond In Buhari’s Nigeria
Intersociety Begins The Release Of Its Special Report On Military Massacre Operations In Eastern Nigeria
Intersociety Reveals How Former IGP Ibrahim Idris Overspent 12 Days In Office
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Updated !!! The Military Massacre Operations In Eastern Nigeria: 30th August 2015-14th Sept 2017

  • Remains Of Slain Victims Of Military Massacre In Eastern NigeriaRead more
  • Remains Of Slain Victims Of Military Massacre In Eastern NigeriaRead more