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Benue Catholic Church Massacre As Further Confirmation Of Ongoing Islamic Jihad & Federal Government Complicity
Imminence Of Extinction Of Christianity & Rise Of Islamic Caliphate In Southern And Old Middle-Belt Nigeria & Lessons From Global Killing Of 270m Christians & Ors Since 622AD By Political Islam
ICC President’s Official Visit To Accused State Of Nigeria: A Threat Capable Of Undermining Independence And Integrity Of The Court
Others Borrow To Transform While Nigeria Under Buhari Borrows To Become World Capital Of Poverty
Looters On Rampage In Nigeria: Over $302b (N66.7t) Squandered & Siphoned By Nigeria’s Federal Political Criminals Since 2003 Using Dishonest Party Politics & Ethno-Religious Sentiments
80 115 Ghost Police Officers In Nigeria Absence Of Answers To HOW WHERE & WHEN Fuels Concerns and Suspicions Of Sectional Victimization
Int’l Inquiries Into State Aided Killings In Nigeria As A Missing Point In Gen Theo Danjuma’s Call
Table Statistics Of Lopsided Appointments In Security Paramilitary Establishments-Fuelling Fulani Jihadism And Regime Aided Killings In Nigeria
Government False Labelling And Lopsided Security Appointments Fuel And Escalate Janjaweed Jihadism In Nigeria
Disarming The Innocent & Arming The Violent:Nigeria Police As A Failed Internal Security Agency Despite Squandering N1.2trillion Public Funds Since 2015
The Best & The Worst In Southeast Nigeria: A Comprehensive Review Of Governance Challenges In The Geopolitical Zone Dating Back To The Second Republic; Among Other Burning National Issues
Christians At Crossroads In Nigeria: How Hundreds Of Churches & Estimated 16,000 Mostly Christian Lives Including 5,800 Victims Of Fulani Herdsmen And Boko Haram Were Lost Since June 2015
Untried Pro Biafra Detainees Must Not Die In Nigeria’s Government Captivity
Intersociety Concludes National Investigation On Killing Of Christians In Nigeria; Exposes And Condemns Christian Violence Against Traditional Religions In Southeast
Unlawful Detention Of Tim Elombah Using Modified Anti Press Decree 4 Of 1984 (Cyber Stalking): IGP Ibrahim Idris Has Crossed The Redlines Of His Constitutional Powers Requiring His Sack
69thUDHR: Atrocity Perpetrators & Their Agents As Human Rights Voices & Campaigners In Nigeria
Elombahs’ Unlawful Detention & IGP Ibrahim Idris’s New Policy Of “Journalists As Armed Robbers In Nigeria”
Naming Our Secretariat “Chima Ubani Center” & Calling For Extension Of Industrial Actions In Nigeria To Issues Of Good Governance & Fiscal Responsibility
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