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Questions Before The Government Of Anambra State, Police And Catholic Church Over Ozubulu Killings (2)
Ozubulu Church Killings Have Marked The Return Of Dirty Politics And Bloodshed In Anambra State
Re: Centre alerts Osinbajo on attempt by groups to rubbish Nigeria’s sovereignty
Gross Abuses of Human Rights In Nigeria: Demanding For FEC Approved Special Criminal Investigations Board And 3-in-One Judicial Commissions Of Enquiry Within 90 Days In Compliance With Int’l Law’s Principles Of Complementarity & No Impunity(Part One)
Public Interest Memo Seeking For Criminal Actions Against Gen Buratai And Other Perpetrators Of Heinous Crimes/Gross Rights Abuses In Nigeria And Allied Matters (2)
Public Interest Memo On Commission Of Heinous Crimes/ Perpetration Of Gross Rights Abuses In Nigeria And Allied Matters: Names Of Suspected Chief Culprits (3)
Memo To Federal Government On Gross Abuses Of Human Rights In Nigeria: Urgent Call For Special Criminal Investigations Board & 3-in-One Federal Judicial Commissions Of Enquiry (Concluded)
Nigerian Army’s False Claims Against 270 Slain Innocent Pro Biafra Activists & 370 Injured Others: How They Were Massacred And Maimed (Concluded
The Odd Side Of The Arewa Youths’ Letter To Acting President Osibanjo
Nigerian Army’s False Claims Against Slain Innocent Biafra Activists: Graphic Accounts (1)
Anti Igbo Quit Notice In Northern Nigeria: What Federal Government, Southeast/South-south Leaders And Igbo Citizens Resident In Northern Nigeria Must Do
Professorial Quarter System And Moronism In Ango Abdullahi’s Conspiratorial Incitement To Genocide
Northern Youths’ Genocidal Threat: Avoiding The Repetition Of 1966 Anti Igbo Pogrom In Northern Nigeria And 1994 Rwandan Genocide
Nigeria’s SSS Must Release Ifeanyi Ubah Or Charge Him Before A Court Of Competence Jurisdiction
Alleged Gift Of 2 SUV Cars & Cash Of $50,000: What Obiano Government And Nnamdi Kanu Told Us
Re-Intersociety & SBCHROs Name Peter Obi, Ike Ekweremadu, 21 Others As Sponsors Of Insurgency Of The Pro Biafran Groups
Intactness Of Kanu’s Bail Conditions & Emptiness Of Nigerian Army In Policing Public Assemblies In Nigeria
To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected: Why The Three New Faces (Obi, Kanu & Ekweremadu) Of Socio-Political Reawakening In Igbo Land Must Not Be Found Wanting
How Nigeria’s Oldest Tribe (Igbo) Lost 3.5Million People & $50Billion Properties To Criminal Hausa-Fulani Muslim Citizens And Their Allies Since 1945 (72Yrs)
Buhari’s 2yrs In Office: A Celebration Of First Of The Firsts In Failed Governance Records In Nigeria Since 1960
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  • Remains Of Slain Victims Of Military Massacre In Eastern NigeriaRead more
  • Remains Of Slain Victims Of Military Massacre In Eastern NigeriaRead more
  • Remains Of Slain Victims Of Military Massacre In Eastern NigeriaRead more