Membership of Intersociety

Intersociety operates restricted membership and general membership. Restricted membership is given to administrative and technical staff as well as expert volunteers including those from fields of comparative or research journalism, law, criminology, sociology, political science, nursing, ICT, medicine and accountancy. These expert and technical members form the management and operational staff of Intersociety.

General membership is also strictly voluntary or non-salaried members; inducted into our membership unit or program called Society Watch Membership Project- which is administratively overseen by a membership program officer. Under the Project, elective leadership with designated positions is put in place with scope and areas of activities clearly spelt out.

All conducts and related activities of same are subject to final authority of our mother organ and the board. Such conducts and related others if found to have breached or likely to breach the aims and objectives as well as the vision and mission of Intersociety are instantly null and void and of no effect. The above information is to guide the general public especially those enquiring or aspiring to join our organization as volunteer members.