For the survival and sustainability of any modern society, its foundation must be laid upon three main pillars of “democracy & good governance”

·         “civil liberties & rule of law” and “security & safety”. Collective and individual security and safety enhances democracy & good governance as well as civil liberties & rule of law. We advocate for promotion and advancement of public security and safety through campaigns driven by in-depth research, report and documentation.

        Our work on Security & Safety includes police and policing reforms and an end to policing abuses including torture and extra judicial killing; non proliferation of illicit small arms and illicit arms bearers; and effective environmental management and protection. We also strongly advocate for alternative dispute resolution as effective way of ending intra and inter personal and group disputes as opposed to self-emollition, suicides and other destructive self help dispute resolution mechanisms. 

  •  Other Human Rights Recognized by the UNO: Human Rights have been found to be indivisible and inseparable. This means that “civil rights” cannot do without “political rights”; “social rights” cannot do without “economic rights”; and “cultural rights” cannot do without “environmental rights”. We recognize and advocate for promotion and advancement of all the rights mentioned above, recognized by UNO and other international and regional bodies. Conversely, we strongly oppose any form of same sex rights. Our “triple twins’ advocacy” has municipal and universal application. This means that it covers Nigeria and goes beyond the boundaries of the country.